About Us

 At the beginning the club was known as the Monte Carlo Informatics Club which was formed by the dept. of Environmental Science at IUB in 2013. Later on, in 2015 the club was renamed to Green Planet Club, IUB and it kick-started successfully with The Young Environmentalist 2015. Since then, the club has been dedicated to environmental issues. It campaigns for the improvement of the environment through activities such as planting trees, beautifying the IUB campus, cleaning the city streets, teaching recycling in schools, supporting other environmental clubs, camping, and recycling. The club also promotes volunteering by giving members the chance to actively participate in various events of School of Environmental Science and Management, IUB and also extramural organizations like Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative, Poriborton Chai, Hands Together BD, etc. Young people are instantly motivated to act when they see a problem. Green Planet Club, IUB gives students the platform they need to take action on the environmental issues they feel passionate about. Channeling student energy and enthusiasm into this club will let students take a leadership role in identifying and achieving our nation’s environmental goals. 

Regular Activities

  1. Workshop/Seminar/Conferences
  2. The Young Environmentalist
  3. Green Talent Search
  4. Coastal Clean Up Event
  5. Humanitarian Activities

Our Club Member's view on studying Environmental Science at IUB:

Past Activities

Green Planet Club has organized competition titled “The Young Environmentalist 2015”, where more than hundred enthusiastic students from all schools of IUB participated. The objective of the event was to raise awareness about current domestic environmental issues such as, fossil fuel depletion, deforestation and river pollution. Green Planet Club has been co-organizers of National

Green Planet Club has been co-organizers of National Earth Olympiad 2016 arranged by Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative. The members of this club participated in citywide clean-up program arranged by Poriborton Chai. Green Planet Club has been continually providing volunteers in a social service organization named Hands Together BD.


The members of Green Planet Club have helped extensively in collecting funds for the people of Thanchi, Bandarban during the food crisis in 2016. The distinctive members of the club also worked very hard in fundraising from IUB for the flood affected areas of Bangladesh in August, 2016. Apart from these, the members of the club have helped

Apart from these, the members of the club have helped in arranging events of SESM like, Recycled Products Fair, Fresher’s Day, and series of seminars.