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ADD/ DROP/ Late Registration for Autumn 2017 Semester will be held on Thursday, 14 th September 2017 between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Minor Environmental Science (Non-SESM):  http://www.sesm.iub.edu.bd/assets/uploadImg/academic/143261961458eb616ed58ab.pdf

Minor Environmental Science (SESM): http://www.sesm.iub.edu.bd/assets/uploadImg/academic/47456257458eb616ed5a18.pdf

Following courses will be offered in the Summer 2017 semester for students those who are doing Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management:

Course Name

Course Title

ENV 220

Introduction to Aquatic Science

ENV 201

Environmental Chemistry

ENV 301

Environmental Economics

ENV 325

Waste Management

ENV 316

Environmental Management System

ENV 309

Noise Pollution and Control

ENV 415

Air Pollution and Climate Change

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Thesis Proposal Presentation of Masters Student will be held on 2nd May 2017. Please contact with the office manager in this regard.

Senior Research Project Presentation will be held on 2nd May 2017. Please communicate with the office manager.

LFE Orientation will be held on 2nd March 2017.


Venue: IUB Auditorium

Time: 8 Am to 12 noon


May 6

World Environment Day 2017


Court Yard

Mar 2

DES Annual Picnic

10AM - 2PM

Safari Park, Gazipur

Dec 12

Seminar on Climate Change

11Am - 3PM

IUB Auditorium




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Seminar on Environmental Issues: Global and Bangladesh Context

Date: Mar/5/2017

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Seminar on Innovative Farming in Bangladesh

Date: Apr/19/2017

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Seminar on “Energy and Carbon Dioxide”

Date: Apr/19/2017

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The Young Environmentalists 2016” award giving ceremony

Date: Apr/19/2017

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