Sl Student Id Student Name Project Name Supervisor
6 1230020 Kazi Afrin Nahar Carbon Footprint of IUB Dr. Ayaz Rabbani
8 1310554 Zakia Sultana Juhi The Effect Of An Increase in Water Temperature on the coral “Sinularia Dura.” Dr. Ayaz Rabbani
16 1320222 Afsana Silvee Evaluation of noise pollution in urban parks in Dhaka city Dr. Sadia Nazneen Karobi
2 1320242 Saikat Mondal Tanu Assessment of Sulfur in the Brick Field Area Dr. Ayaz Rabbani
11 1320505 Sakib Imran Ali Environmental Stresses, Migration and Wellbeing of Slum Dwellers in Dhaka City: Case Studies of Four Selected Slum Areas Dr. Md. Hafizur Rahman
4 1321765 Abdullah Al Mamun Removal of Chromium by Using Nano Particle From Tannery Effluents Prof. Dr. Zainal Abedin
5 1322013 Alima Islam Mimma Packed Bed Column Chromatography Dr. Md.Hafizur Rahman
3 1330744 Shariful Islam Present Buffer Capacity of Rampal Area Dr. Ayaz Rabbani
15 1410582 Jakaria Mahamud Piash A Study on Attitudes of Faculties Towards the Environment Saquib Ahmad Khan
25 1420130 Sami Alam Turzo Study the Amount of Particulate Matter 2.5 μm in IUB Saquib Ahmed Khan
7 1420565 Farzana Shahnewaz Scope 3 carbon emissions from the students of IUB Dr. Ayaz Rabbani
1 1431263 Mahir Faisal Set up and operation of a bioreactor to remove Cr(VI) Dr. Ayaz Rabbani
31 1510164 Samia Bhuiyan Oishy Agricultural Practices & Challenges in Dinajpur District, Bangladesh Dr. Md. Hafizur Rahman
30 1510427 Sumiya Ahamed Sonom Agricultural Adaptations to Climate Change in Northern District of Bangladesh Dr. Md. Hafizur Rahman
14 1510444 Adeeba Nuraina Risha Youth Perception of Environment and Environmental Education in Bangladesh: A Comparative Analysis Md Ekhtekharul islam
12 1510810 Nibras Reza Monitoring reduction of Cr(VI) into Cr(III) by a biofilter K. A. Rabbani
29 1511044 Anna Maria Antibacterial Activities of Betel leaves, Aloe Vera & Garlic Extracts Dr. Md. Hafizur Rahman
15 1520004 Khondoker Sajedul Islam Environmental Compliance in Garment Factories of Bangladesh: Benefits, Prospects, and Challenges Md Ekhtekharul Islam
26 1521114 Sajida Safia Rumi Study of Water Quality Parameters in Balu River Saquib Ahmed Khan
23 1521150 Soumik Khandakar Impact of Teesta Barrage on Livelihood of People Living in the Downstream Md. Ekhtekharul Islam
28 1521915 Afsana Jahan Luna Antibacterial Activity of Bitter Gourd (Momordica charantia) Extract Dr. Md. Hafizur Rahman
27 1530110 Kazi Sihan Hossain Prospect of Ecotourism in Sajek Md. Ekhtekharul Islam
19 1530353 Miftahul Rizwan Chisty Chromium Toxicity in Soil Around Tannery Dr. K. A. Rabbani
19 1530353 Miftahul Rizwan Chisty Chromium Toxicity in Soil Around Tannery Dr. K. A. Rabbani
10 1530803 Nusaiba Rahman Determination of Water Quality Index (WQI) of Turag River based on selected wet season water quality parameters Saquib Ahmed Khan
24 1610345 Prasenjit Nandi Palash Kitchen Waste to Organic Feed for Poultry: Exploring the Prospect in Bangladesh Md. Ekhtekharul Islam
22 1610412 Zakia Mostafa Jebin Removal of Textile Dye from Wastewater Using Water Hyacinths as Bioadsorbent Dr. Zainal Abedin
13 1620887 Farah Nur A study on the Nelson-Somogyi method for glucose detection In Chromium (VI) Contaminated Water K. A. Rabbani
9 1621416 Farina Saberin Huq Quantifying the rate of chemical degradation of plastic bottles Dr. Ayaz Rabbani
21 1630138 Burka E Anjum Investigation of Chromium (VI) Adsorption by Mussels Dr. K. A. Rabbani
18 1630452 Farhana Zaman Synthesis of Bioplastic from Starch & It's Use in Real Life Dr. K. A. Rabbani
17 1630711 Mohammad Rasheduzzaman A Study on the Extraction of Glucose from Paper Dr. K. A. Rabbani
20 1630809 Fairuz Maliha Ahona Investigation on the Sand Absorption of Chromium Dr. K. A. Rabbani