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SESM is proud to present our prominent alumni of a diverse group of individuals who cover the entire globe. Our graduates include :

Taskin Faika Iqbal

Taskin graduated in 2019 with a BSc in Environmental Management. After graduation, she started working as a Research Assistant at the Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Research (C3ER, BRAC University). While working at C3ER, she had the privilege to organize and work on“Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Planning of Bangladesh’’ project with 224 Government Officials. The project was arranged with the support of the General Economic Division, Physical Infrastructure Division, and Planning Commission. It was conducted to ensure climate change adaptations and mitigation measurements in all government development projects.

Taskin is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Climate Change at the University of Waterloo, Canada. 

Mahmuda Akter Mity

Mity graduated with a B.Sc. in Environment Management in 2017 and went on to do an M.Sc. in Disaster Management from the University of Dhaka. She is currently a Research Officer at the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), IUB. Mity attended the COP25 in Spain in an official capacity where she organized Capacity Building Day in conjunction with PCCB and the UNFCCC Secretariat. Mity is also working with ESRC on a research project titled ‘Trans-disciplinary Pathways to Sustainability in Marginal Environments (TAPESTRY)’ focusing on both Bangladesh and Indian Sundarbans, and has been writing a book and a couple of blogs as output of this project. Mity was a very active  executive member of the Environmental club while she was a student of IUB.

Anam Ekram

Anam completed her BSc in Environmental Science from SESM in 2019 and is now working at O.Creeds Ltd as a Junior Environmental Officer. O. Creeds Ltd. is a research and consulting firm consisting of civil engineers, architects and environmentalists who are committed to creating a sustainable research base in Bangladesh. Anam has also started her Masters on Environmental Science and Management at Jahangirnagar University. 

Rana Ahmed

Rana graduated with a B.Sc. in Environmental Science and immediately after graduation worked at an effluent treatment plant in Standard Group, Bangladesh. He worked at the plant for a little while and then moved to Germany in October 2016 to study towards an M.Sc. degree from University of Cologne. Rana has completed his degree and is now about to start his Ph.D. centering on heavy metal treatment at University of Potsdam from February 2020.

Farzana Shahnewaz

Farzana completed her B.Sc. in Environmental Science in 2017 from Independent University Bangladesh as a Cum Laude. She was a core member of both Green Planet Club and Independent University Bangladesh Debate Club. She was nominated for 'Future Leaders of Tomorrow' under the category of university students at 'Inspiring Women' event arranged by Bangladesh Brand Forum in 2015. After graduation she worked with the ISO Tech Group as a Junior Environmental Specialist . Farzana  is currently pursuing her M.Sc. in Environmental Science in Southeast Missouri State University in Missouri, USA with 100% scholarship. She is working on a research thesis project based on Hydroclimatology. 

Student's Photo

Rubayat Khan
SESM Graduate

As part of my studies we had to go to village and stay with rural people for a three week immersive field research program. When doing that I fell in love with Bangladeshi villages and our rural folk. I also felt very strongly this urge to do something to improve the dismal quality of services people have access to, especially in healthcare.

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Shahriar Caesar Rahman
SESM Graduate

The diversity of wildlife in Bangladesh is remarkable. Our diversity is a part of us; it's not a luxury we have