The Department of Environmental Science offers Bachelor of Science in Land and Water Resource Management (both Major and Minor). The  major focuses on the study of physical, chemical, and biological processes that shape the Earth and the other planets. The interdisciplinary programme introduces students to both the Science of the Earth and its living and nonliving systems.


Programme Objectives

  1. Provides students a general understanding of the breadth and multi-disciplinary nature of environmental science.
  2. Nurture students’ ability to engage in lifelong learning process and prepare them for higher studies and meaningful career.
  3. Produces citizens who are aware of societal and ethical issues and responsibilities in the practice of environmental science.

Upon successful completion, students will be able to –

  1. understand the natural environment, its processes and interconnections, and their relationships with the human system.
  2. characterize and critically analyze human-environment relationship and cross-cutting environmental issues by applying and integrating facts, concepts, and methods from an multi-disciplinary range of sources.
  3. design, implement and present independent research that is consistent with the highest standards and practices of research in the field of environmental science.
  4. demonstrate robust, scientifically sound and practical skills to find sustainable alternatives and formulate action plans to manage problems impacting on the Earth.
  5. demonstrate an awareness and knowledge of the intrinsic values of ecological processes and communities.