The Department of Environmental Science offers Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (both Major and Minor). The Environmental Science major focuses on the study of physical, chemical, and biological processes that shape the Earth and the other planets. The interdisciplinary programme introduces students to both the Science of the Earth and its living and nonliving systems. Our graduates are prepared to explore careers in various fields such as environmental pollution, environmental management, environmental health, planning, teaching, and to go on for higher studies. The department also offers minor in Environmental Science for students from other disciplines.

Learning Goals

To develop competency based on knowledge having a firm grasp of the basic concepts in environmental science.

To understand and thus attempt to control issues such as pollution, over-exploitation of natural resources, food security, natural disasters such as cyclones and earthquakes.

To help students to develop required skills with an aim to materialize the targets and goals of globally adopted agreements like Sustainable Development Goals, Paris Agreement, and many others.


Core Course 

Major in Environmental Science

Minor in Environmental Science for Non SESM Students

Minor in Environmental Science for SESM Students