" The vision of the Department of Environmental Science is to produce educated community who will ensure clean, safe, secured and sustainable environment for all."


The department missions include:

  1. Producing international standard environmental graduates to serve at home and abroad
  2. Conducting need-based research on contemporary environmental issues and  producing scholarly works in the field environmental science
  3. Organizing national and international events (e.g. conferences/workshops/seminars/symposiums/training programs)
  4. Influencing the national and international environmental policy-making process
  5. Equipping graduates with the necessary skills to be employable both in industry, academia and other fields of environment.

About the Department of Environmental Science

Department of Environmental Science runs basic and problem-oriented research within organic, chemical and physical connections in the environment and within economic, political and social conditions in the interaction between environment and society. Most of the faculty members of DES have a Ph.D. degree from world’s renowned universities and have an active collaboration with some national and international research and academic institutions. Since the beginning of the journey of the department, faculty members have been carrying out research on different environmental issues.

The department has a spacious ‘Environmental Science Laboratory,' equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, where the students can perform outstanding research. Students get the unique opportunity to work with the faculty members and produce scholarly publications. Students can develop research skills and acquire hands-on training in environmental science and related disciplines.

Because of the devotion and relentless efforts offered by the faculty members and staffs, DES has become a reputed research-based institution in the country.  It is now considered the center of excellence in environmental education and research, producing a substantial number of promising environmental graduates, who are contributing to the development country.



Dr. Dr. K Ayaz Rabbani

Head, Dept. of Environmental Science

Ph.D.(Environmental Science, Murdoch University, Australia)
M.Sc. (Chemistry, University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign, USA)

B.Sc. (Chemistry, University of Toronto, Canada)

Email: rabbani@iub.edu.bd 

Office Phone: 2325

Student's Photo

Farzana Shahnewaz
Major in Env. Science

I have been lucky to be a part of Department of Environmental Science at IUB. I had grown quite an interest in climate change while reading about it during my high school years. Department of Environmental Science, IUB has given me the knowledge and opportunity by offering interdisciplinary courses to make my dreams bigger.

Student's Photo

Nibras Reza
Major in Env. Science

By studying Environmental Science not only I will know the science behind the vast environment but will also be able arose awareness among the people who are neglecting it. And the Env. Science department of IUB has given me this chance to broaden my knowledge towards the crisis on our earth.