The story of “Silent Spring”

“Our heedless and destructive acts enter into the vast cycles of the earth and in time return to bring hazard to ourselves,” said by Rachel Carson who is the author of the renowned book “Silent Spring”. Carson, in her book, argued, once chemicals entered the biosphere they not only killed bugs but also made their way up the food chain to threaten bird and fish populations and could eventually affect human well-being. The book has been sold more than two million copies and made a powerful strike that if humankind poisoned our nature, nature would in turn take revenge. This is the first book that presented a view of nature compromised by synthetic pesticides and ignited environmental movement around the world. This, to a large extent, has contributed to the growing importance of studying environmental science.

Studying environmental science is important to humankind

Human influence on natural resources has never been more significant or problematic than it is today. Our climate is changing, resources are shrinking, lands are degrading and species are getting extinct. Earth is so far the only habitable planet in the whole universe. What makes earth so special? Studying environmental science will provide you with the knowledge to understand the specialties of our planet earth and subsequently, build the leadership in you to conserve our environment. And this is a fundamental requirement for humankind to survive.

Highly prospective career and potential for study abroad

Our environmental science graduates are well prepared for diverse careers at home and abroad. Students get opportunities to work as an entrepreneur or for the government, the vast NGO sector, policy think-tanks, non-profit agencies, donor organizations, industries and banks. Our graduates also embark on future study to choose a particular career path e.g. teaching, management or research.

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Major in Env. Science

Being a chemistry lover, the department of environmental science has offered me everything that I have desired of to study. The lab that we have and the study materials provided in class are perfect for a young environmentalist like me to pursue research on climate change issues.

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Major in Env. Science

Environmental Science has always been my field of interest. I think it's a great pleasure to study about nature and about all the good things that nature has to offer. Nature has always served us selflessly; it's now high time that we start preserving its resources before it gets too late because "Nature doesn't need people, people need nature.