• Established in 1993, the Department of Environmental Science and Management (DESM) at Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) has achieved a reputation as one of the best institutions providing environmental education in Bangladesh. The Department - interdisciplinary and holistic in nature - integrates science, management, law, economics, public health and governance with an aim to create professionals for environmental problem-solving.


  • The Department offers two undergraduate degrees- Land and Water Resource Management, and Environmental Management. It also offers a minor in Environmental Science and Environmental Management. At the graduate level, the Department offers a Master of Science in Environmental Management, Master of Science in Natural Resource and Disaster Management, and Master of Science in Climate Change and Development degrees.  All these programs of the Department focus on current and future environmental challenges including climate change, environmental pollution, resource management, urbanization and energy towards sustainable development at both local and global scale. DESM develops professionals who become capable of addressing these issues and therefore, satisfying human needs.


  • DESM is a research-oriented Department. Our faculty members publish 10-20 articles in peer-reviewed international journals every year. DESM works in collaboration with a different organization at home and abroad including IFS, Atomic Energy Commission, Bangladesh Council for Industrial Scientific Research, Middlesex University, Pokhara University, University of Wisconsin, Radiant Pharmaceuticals, WaterAid, Department of Environment under the Ministry of Environment, International Center for Climate Change and Development and CNRD (Gologne, Germany).