Environmental Science Laboratory:

The department has a 4,000 sq ft laboratory, which is furnished with state-of-the-art scientific instruments. The laboratory is able to support research on advanced issues of environmental science. Faculty members and students carry out world-class research at the laboratory. 

 Environmental Science Laboratory

Research focus:

  • Aquatic Chemistry
  • Toxicological research
  • Water quality management
  • Microbial chemistry
  • Bioremediation
Student's Photo

Safa Aziz
SESM student

Being a chemistry lover, the department of environmental science has offered me everything that I have desired of to study. The lab that we have and the study materials provided in class are perfect for a young environmentalist like me to pursue research on climate change issues.

Student's Photo

Zakia Zavera Juhi
SESM graduate

I fell in love with the oceans and the marine life (specially corals!) while doing a course in IUB. I realised that this was a massive "gray" area, and decided to work towards understanding the protection of the species which cannot speak for themselves. Without this intervention, these species will only become a concept of nature that can be only found in books and as a distant memory.