The Geographic Information System (GIS) Lab is a computer-based establishment to support the use of geographic information (GI) technology at Independent University, Bangladesh. The mission of the facility is to provide GIS education as well as a high-level GIS-based research support for students, faculty, and staff.

The GIS Lab under the Department of Environmental Management, SESM is furnished to facilitate practical experience on cartography, GIS software and GPS to the students who are pursuing their study in SESM along with any students who wish to learn or use the laboratory for his or her work/internship/master’s thesis. Currently, two practical and theoretical courses are conducted at lab with the given facilities.

The laboratory is equipped with latest personal computers, scanner, color printer, projector, GPS and other necessary equipments that facilitate students' practical learning. GIS Lab manager is on duty during all of the scheduled operational hours.

The lab is a modern installation and is constantly upgrading with respect to demand and need of the university and students.

GIS lab is planning to conduct GIS and GPS based certificate programs/ short courses for both university graduates and general stakeholders.



GIS Day 2017 observed at IUB




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Shituma Tajrin
SESM Graduate

For many years we have been polluting the environment consciously or unconsciously. If we don't stop polluting the environment now, there will be no future to be saved.

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SESM graduate

The diversity of wildlife in Bangladesh is remarkable. Our diversity is a part of us; it's not a luxury we have