Overview of Biology Laboratory

Biology is an essential part of the foundation courses of IUB. Biology Laboratory Practicum exercises are a crucial part of environmental science and management studies. Thus the Biology laboratory caters to the need of the students from the biology foundation course as well as students with advanced biology-related courses. Students also use the lab for their own research work, internship and master’s thesis project.

In this laboratory students trained with basic laboratory skills to assess soil, air, water quality in relation to ecological well-being and human health under the supervision guidance of our experienced faculties and highly trained lab personnel. Our biology lab is well equipped with the latest Motic electron microscope, Stereomicroscope with a camera, a collection of animal and plant specimens, laminar flow bench, incubator, digital water bath, hot air oven, shaker incubator, essential reagents, permanent samples of various kind of cell/tissue, and cell division phases etc. The lab is a modern installation and is constantly upgrading with respect to the demand and needs of the university and students.


Safety issue

We also implement Labels and warning signs in our laboratory to alert students and employees to potentially hazardous materials and allow those unfamiliar with the laboratory surroundings to identify hazardous chemical use and storage areas, safety facilities, emergency equipment, exits, and aid emergency response personnel.

Important Dos and Don’ts for students

Important Dos
1. Always stay with the instructor
2. Wear an apron
3. Understand the experimental procedures and safety measures before beginning work
4. Wear necessary safety gear (gloves, goggles, mask, hair band, shoes, etc)
5. In case of any emergency or accident, notify the instructor immediately
6. If you are unclear about any experiment or task assigned to you, ask for guidance from the instructor or supervisor

Important DON’Ts
1. DO NOT enter or stay in an empty lab
2. DO NOT misuse the basic lab safety gear (apron, goggles, masks, etc)
3. DO NOT bring any food or drinks into the lab
4. DO NOT smell or taste any reagent
5. DO NOT attempt to fight fires or chemical spills alone unless it is an immediate emergency

Student's Photo

Shituma Tajrin
SESM Graduate

For many years we have been polluting the environment consciously or unconsciously. If we don't stop polluting the environment now, there will be no future to be saved.

Student's Photo

SESM graduate

The diversity of wildlife in Bangladesh is remarkable. Our diversity is a part of us; it's not a luxury we have