About the Department of Environmental Mananagement:

 The School of Environmental Science and Management (SESM) is as old as the Independent University which was established in 1993 and since inception the school has been providing graduate and post graduate education in environmental management. The Department of Environmental Management (DEM) was formed in 2008 under the SESM to deliver most sophisticated, advanced and specialized education in environmental management.

 The Department of Environmental Management offers courses focusing on human interaction with nature that facilitate applying environmental knowledge in business, government and planning, including management of natural resources and responses to natural hazards. Studying in the department the students will acquire knowledge regarding a range of subjects like Biology, Ecology, Forest Resources Management, Geographic Information

The Department has two labs: The Biology Lab and the GIS Lab.



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Ensuring a better Environment

Student's Photo

Shahnoor Hasan
SESM Graduate

Her research explores what participatory planning tools do in strategic delta planning processes with focus on Bangladesh, Netherlands, and Vietnam.


Head of the Environmental Management