The vision of the Department of Environmental Management is to advance the practice of sustainable environmental management through education, scholarly research, and professional and community service.


The department’s mission includes

  • Provides high-quality knowledge and expertise for ensuring sustainable environmental management.
  • Enhance students’ critical thinking on current environmental issues and detrimental impacts of environmental degradation.
  • Conduct research and promote innovation that supports efficient environmental management for human well-being and sustainable economic growth. 
  • Building networks with academic, research, development and other institutions for achieving global environmental goals.

About the Department of Environmental Management

The Department of Environmental Management under the School of Environmental Science and Management at Independent University, Bangladesh is internationally known for its excellence. Founded in 1993, the Department offers BSc (Hons)  and MSc degrees and serves as a locus for research into local, regional and global Environmental issues.

Design and implementation of solutions to current issues of global Environmental concern require both specialists and well-trained managers capable of working within, between and across disciplines. The Department of Environmental Management at IUB provides the necessary multidisciplinary courses and is relevant to those concerned with the Management of natural resources and the formulation and implementation of policies that create Environmental improvements at local, national and international levels, and in the community, corporate and government organizations.

Student's Photo

Savio Rousseau Rozario
Undergraduate Student

I study Environment to know my very own existence, to build a bridge between advancement and its application creating awareness among human society to secure the future through sustainable development and adaptation.

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Hla Thoaiching Marma
Undergraduate Student.

If someone can love the environment he or she won't be a threat to the environment anymore.