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SESM is proud to present our prominent alumni of a diverse group of individuals who cover the entire globe. Our graduates include :

Shahnoor Hasan

Shahnoor graduated with an MSc in Environmental Management from IUB and is now currently a PhD Fellow at Water Governance Chair Group, UNESCO-IHE Institute of Water Education. She was also the winner of the Florida Earth Young Scholar Award in 2016. 

Krishty Reza

Krishty worked for the World Bank after she graduated from SESM at IUB and has earned a Master’s Degree from University of Ottawa, Canada. She is currently living in Canada. 

Krishty can be contacted at krisreza@gmail.com

Shahriar Caesar Rahman

Shahriar Caesar Rahman has completed his B.Sc. in Environmental Science from School of Environmental Science and Management at Independent University, Bangladesh and is now Chief Executive Officer, Creative Conservation Alliance. Shahriar Caesar Rahman works in the remote Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh, which is part of the Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot. In this hostile environment, entrenched in complex insurgent issues, he has conducted biodiversity surveys in the area which resulted in the most comprehensive wildlife survey done in the region. He documented 26 globally-threatened species persisting in the Sangu Reserve Forest. Shahriar also discovered the critically endangered Arakan forest turtle and keeled box turtle for the first time in Bangladesh, as well as rediscovered populations of the largest tortoise in Asia: the Asian giant tortoise, which was thought to be extirpated from Bangladesh. 

Nabila Rahman

Lecturer, Dept. of Environmental Science, School of Environmental Science and Management, Independent University, Bangladesh. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Toronto, Canada. 

Saquib Ahmed Khan

Saquib Ahmad Khan graduated with an undergraduate degree in Population Environment in 2009 and
went on to complete his M.Sc. in Environment Management from SESM in 2011. After several years of
employment at United Enterprises and Co. Ltd., he joined SESM as a Lecturer in 2017.

Student's Photo

Rubayat Khan
SESM Graduate

As part of my studies we had to go to village and stay with rural people for a three week immersive field research program. When doing that I fell in love with Bangladeshi villages and our rural folk. I also felt very strongly this urge to do something to improve the dismal quality of services people have access to, especially in healthcare.

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Shahriar Caesar Rahman
SESM Graduate

The diversity of wildlife in Bangladesh is remarkable. Our diversity is a part of us; it's not a luxury we have