Academic Qualification

Ph.D, 2015: (Environmental Science, University of Murdoch, Australia)
M.Sc. 2000: (Chemistry, University of Illinois, USA)
B.Sc. 1997: (Chemistry, University of Toronto, Canada)

Work and Research Experience

2002-2011: Senior Lecturer, School of Environmental Science and Management, IUB.

2012-2013: Casual Academic Staff, Murdoch University, Australia.

2001-2002: Management Trainee, Aventis Pharma

Research Projects

Investigation of bioremediation of Cr(VI) to Cr (III) in a bioreactor

Coral bleaching under environmental stress conditions

Estimating the carbon footprint of a university: case study of Independent University, Bangladesh

Concurrent bioremediation and chemical removal of Cr(VI) in contaminated water